History of SJK (C) Union

Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Union or more commonly known as SJK (C) Union was established back in 1952 to cater to the education needs of the growing population of Ulu Sepetang, Taiping. It has 6 classrooms and students from different racial backgrounds attended this school.

But as time passes, many of the Ulu Sepetang population moved on to larger towns and cities in search for better opportunities, and this has led to a serious drop in student enrolments in SJK (C) Union.

In 2009, SJK (C) Union had a total of only 3 students, 1 boy and 2 girls. And the school had only 3 teachers. In 2014, it’s student number was reduced to zero and there was an urgent need to relocate the school to a more urbanized location where high growth population was evident to cater to the needs of Chinese education.

To keep SJK (C) Union in existence, The School Board has been looking at possible relocation options over the past 10 years. When the school was finally granted approval  to relocate to Cyberjaya in 2013, the board met up with MCT Berhad, a public listed developer who generously donated a sizeable parcel of the 6 acres land within  their Lakefront development to build the school.

The New SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya

Today, Cyberjaya is a bustling township with an estimated 20,000 Chinese population requesting the need for Chinese education within the vicinity. Upon completion, SJK (C) Union will be Cyberjaya’s first Chinese Smart School to serve the community with full multimedia facilities capable of accommodating 2,880 student population.

Building Progress of SJK (C) Union

(as at April 2017)

FAQ about SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya

Maximum student capacity?
Based on 40 students per class, the school could accommodate minimum 1,440 students per session and total 2,880 students for morning and afternoon session.

Target completion of school buildings?
The school buildings are scheduled to be completed by 2017 and application for CCC may complete by end 2017.

Target commencement date for enrolment to SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya?
Approximately January 2018. But for parents keen on enrolling their children to SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya now, it is unfortunate that SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya will not be in Ministry of Education’s (MOE) record as it is still under construction.

So how can I enrol my children to SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya if the school is not in MOE record?
Parents will need to enrol their children to a school nearest to their current residence. Once our school has started operation officially, parents can then request for a transfer to SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya.

Where do I apply for the school enrolments?
For those residing in Selangor, you can find out more about registering your children to school through this website https://public.moe.gov.my

What are the criteria for enrolment?
Parents can choose to enrol their children to any schools but are subject to the school vacancy but most importantly, all new enrolment to schools or transfer of school is subject to the guidelines and procedures of the Selangor State Education Department.

When will we know if SJK (C) Union Cyberjaya is ready to accept student enrolments?
When the school is fully operational, announcements will be made through various media channels.

Click HERE if you need more details about how to register your children to schools, especially for Primary 1.

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