If you think your 400 sq ft apartment is small, you have no idea!

Property developers around the world are building smaller and smaller homes to counter the issue of affordability and land scarcity. But just how small can a home get? If you think you’ve seen it all, wait for it ….

South China Morning Post published an article on 14th December 2014 titled “Hong Kong’s ‘tiniest flats ever’ go on sale for HK$2 million” and guess what’s the size of the flats? 180 sq ft! Yes, you heard me right. 180 sq ft. I am trying to imagine how to furnish a 180 sq ft flat? I can fit a bed in but I doubt I can fit a sofa in it as well. And how about toilet, and kitchen?

Interior of show flat of Mont Vert at Fung Yuen in Tai Po. 13DEC14

Then on 7th September 2016, the same paper South China Morning Post published another article, this time titled ”
Henderson Land to unveil tiny flats in North Point amid Hong Kong’s hot property market“. One Prestige flat sizes range from 163 to 170 sq ft, and cost between HK$3.87 million to HK$4.78 million, an average of HK$25,248 per sq ft. That’s a whopping RM14,377.26 PSF. No wonder they are squeezing the sizes of the flats!

So back to Malaysia and your 400 sq ft apartment.

We are all aware that a 400 sq ft apartment is not exactly space-luxury but there are many ways to maximise what you already have. Here’s an innovative idea I stumbled upon in Youtube recently. I believe it’s been around for a while already, but it’s a really interesting idea. The idea of converting a 1-bedroom apartment into 2-bedroom using this system is smashing!

The idea is amazing. This modular interlocking building blocks called EverBlock System uses the concept of Lego blocks but using it for real life application, in this case to build a separating wall. I have no idea how sturdy the wall is, but the idea attracts me. You can even try it out online using their Virtual 3D Builder.

Another great idea I found is from non other than your friendly neighbourhood furniture store, Ikea. The video below is part 1 of a 4 part series on what it takes for a family of four to live comfortably in just 30 square metres.

Amazing ideas right? Do check out Ikea Youtube channel for more ideas on furnishing small spaces.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in larger homes, these ideas might sound ridiculous but like I said earlier, affordability and land scarcity are issues that our future generation will encounter, eventually. So we have to learn to handle it. If you are a parent, start investing in a property for your kids, that’s if you haven’t done so. If you are a young working adult and you haven’t got your first home, better start planning soon. Like I always say, “The Later You Buy, The Smaller You Get“.

And if you have bought a home and it’s only 400 sq ft, it’s ok. Be glad you have your own place call home. Learn to make the most of it.

Lastly, here’s a video created by a Hong Kong student imagining what it’s like living in a 16 square foot apartment called King’s Cube. It’s fictional of course but a highly possible scenario in near future. (it’s in cantonese but with subtitle). Enjoy!

Timothy L.

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