As a vision started almost twenty years ago by Tun Dr Mahathir, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia — Cyberjaya has grown leaps and bound from its humble beginnings as a location for information and communications technology development in Malaysia.

The idea was first mooted by the former prime minister to make Cyberjaya an exclusive address to help the development of technology in Malaysia and become the hub to create and advance digital economy here.

There were doubts by many parties of the concept, and the feasibility of having our own ‘Silicon Valley’ established in the country.

More than just an address If you had asked around about Cyberjaya 10 years ago, people would have answered that it was just a special enclave in Selangor for some “tech companies”. While the original intention of Cyberjaya was to create a location with attractive allowances for tech companies to invest in, it has grown bigger than the original concept today.

Today, Cyberjaya has grown into a vibrant city and at last count, there are over 37,000 knowledge workers that call Cyberjaya their workplace, populating over 800 multinational companies (MNCs) and small and medium enterprise (SME) companies that call Cyberjaya home.

The city currently operates under a constantly evolving and sustainable business ecosystem, making it a true living lab and smart city in Malaysia.

Thanks to the growth of Cyberjaya over the past decade and a half, in 2014 alone the city had attracted a total of RM6.35 billion worth of investments. This includes investments made by MNCs, SMEs, and public and private investors that saw the value of Cyberjaya as a tech hub in the region.

With the investments, more companies are setting up shop in the city, which in turn has attracted more than 80,000 residents to make Cyberjaya their home. To support the needs of the residents, civil amenities have been constructed in and around Cyber jaya, which include a shopping mall, banks, over 200 international and local eateries, and public parks.

Cyberjaya is also a booming educational city, as it houses five tertiary educational institutions to support the local and international student population that will be the next generation of “knowledge workers” for companies around the world — proudly made in Malaysia.

Furthermore, many studies and initiatives have been made, and the results implemented to shape the smart city to its current iteration. This includes smart traffic and transportation management systems, city-wide surveillance for occupant safety, fibre-optic Internet connection throughout the city, a centralised district-cooling support system, green pedestrian pathways, as well as energy efficient buildings around the city.

These implementations bring extra value for residents, smart workers, as well as domestic and international investors as they contribute to the road of Cyberjaya’s establishments as a Global Technology Hub.


In the recent Budget 2016 announcement, the government had also announced that a Cyberjaya City Centre (CCC) will be built to complement the vibrant lifestyle of the tech city. With the announcement of the CCC, Cyberjaya looks to grow its potential as a regional and one-stop hub for technology and innovation development for multinationals and startups alike, and continue to attract local and foreign investments to help strengthen the Malaysian economy in the future.

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As one of the premier cyber cities in the region, more than 700 companies, including over 30 multinational corporations, have chosen Cyberjaya as the preferred location to operate their businesses. With the current 16 established property developers vying to invest more than RM20bil in Cyberjaya by 2016, there will be more than 28,000 residential units with an expected population of 100,000 by then. The opening of Cyberjaya's first neighbourhood mall, D'Pulze Shopping Centre and IOI City Mall Putrajaya will serve as a catalyst to boost Cyberjaya to the next growth tier. Coupled with completion of various residential developments, Cyberjaya will see population expansion soon. Other catalysts would involve the upcoming Cyberjaya City Centre, Xiamen University Malaysia Campus, the Maju Expressway extension through Cyberjaya and the Sungai Buloh-Kajang-Putrajaya MRT 2 extension. If you are seeking investment opportunities, Cyberjaya should be in your checklist. Call 016-7737036 for more information.