picture of MRT commuters on Monday as it is last day of free rides at Phileo Damansara MRT Petaling Jaya

THE MRT line in Malaysia has been up and running for nearly two months now, since the 16th of December last year. This is only phase one of the track, which stretches from Sungai Buloh until Semantan.

What seems to have caught the attention of some, is that not many seemed to be using the service.

Could this stem from a lack of education about the new train system, or could it be phase one covers too small an area for people to make good use out of it.

In terms of safety, patrons that use the MRT phase one need not worry as it is deemed safe for use according to crime safety specialist, PreventCrimeNow.com, Shamir Rajadurai.

Shamir explains that professionally, based on the analysis that had been carried out by PreventCrimeNow.com, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRTC) has put in safety measures for even the outer perimeter of the MRT.

“In terms of safety and security, MRT Corp has not only incorporated the use of security guards and CCTV services but, had safety in mind in the design of the walkways and bus stops located near the newly opened MRT stations.”

“I believe the walkways provided are wide enough and that MRT Corp has placed fences along the walkway, to reduce the risk of snatch theft. Adding to that the MRT bus stops are also well lit,” Shamir said.

Another noteworthy feature implemented by MRT Corp for safety include the construction of link bridges, connecting buildings situated close by to the MRT stations, so patrons need not walk along the streets to gain access to wherever they are headed.

When introducing a line such as the MRT, there will be both positive and negative opinions that would be conceived. Director Henry Wiltshire, Vicky How, said it is clear that this new train line indeed holds many benefits.

“The MRT line one will ease traffic congestion as a new form of public transport and will increase property prices. Investors that had purchased property close by the MRT line one track would be the first to see this phenomenon take place”, How explains.

“This is bound to take place as homebuyers, office workers, college students and potential tenants would be attracted to stay closer to MRT stations to save time on travelling”, How adds.

The new MRT line will definitely have an effect upon property prices however, the impact will depend on a few factors.

“The MRT line one can encourage an appreciation of property prices of anywhere between 20% and 40%, depending on the different types of developments and interestingly even a developer’s track records”, How says.

Adding to that How also mentions that properties integrated with MRT stations and shopping malls located close by, can be sold at higher prices resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI) as compared to other properties within the Klang Valley.

For MRT line enthusiasts that would like to take advantage of the tracks’ effect on property appreciation, Damansara and areas surrounding it are a good focal point.

“Property options in the Damansara and Ara Damansara area are a worthwhile buy, followed by the Sungai Buloh and Kota Damansara areas, not only because of the MRT line but also due to the master plans for these locations,” How concludes.

One developer known to have taken the opportunity on capitalising upon the phase one of the MRT line is Selangor Dredging Bhd (SDB).

This property company, is currently constructing a mixed-development called SqWhere (pronounced as square) which comprises a 31-storey SoVo tower, a 27-storey service apartment tower, and retail offices.

The upcoming establishment, offers a series of unique experiences to those who would frequent the vicinity in future, while ensuring a perfect balance of aesthetics, beauty, and ease of function. Adding to that, the mixed-development also enjoys excellent connectivity stemming from the new MRT line.

SqWhere is located on Jalan Sungai Buloh and is connected to the Kampung Selamat MRT station via a 75meter direct link bridge; a covered walkway for residents and visitors who live, work or are visiting the property.

This property by SDB is sold in layouts ranging between 1,055sq ft and 2,476sq ft. The development is enhanced with basic facilities including a stylish floating gym, hydrotherapy pool, lap pool, children’s’ pool and play area, as well as function and meeting rooms, all built within a land mass of 4.84 acres.

Though there are benefits in acquiring property situated close to MRT stations, one must be cautious when it comes to selecting the best unit in Feng Shui.

Buyers can use Feng Shui when looking for an MRT property. According to Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences and Feng Shui founder, Prof. master David Koh in the Feng Shui perspective, elevated properties for example condominiums and apartments, as well as commercial buildings will be affected by the MRT track.

“When the MRT train moves at high speeds, the energy it carries is enormous therefore, sucking the forces around the track. This translates to a drag of energy upon the properties that are situated nearby,” Koh said.

Koh adds, “As much as the MRT provides convenience for dwellers nearby, weighing against the negative effects it is advisable to purchase a property slightly further away from the new track.”

“A safe distance to buy from an MRT line depends on the speed of a MRT train when passing by a particular property. Another thing to keep in mind is whether the property lies on the embracing side or elbow side of the MRT line.

If a property is located on the embracing side of the MRT line, it isn’t as harmful as a property located on the elbow side of a MRT track.

For example if the speed of the MRT train at a particular point reaches 100KPH, a safe distance to purchase is approximately 50 meters,” says Koh.

Additionally it is best to avoid purchasing a property with the front entrance directly facing a MRT track. In a situation such as this one can purchase other properties within the same development, with the back door facing the track.

Source : http://www.starproperty.my/

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