What is Cyberjaya Tour

Cyberjaya. Malaysia’s Capital of Creation. 20 years in the making.

So much has happened in Cyberjaya yet not many people know much about it. The perception in public’s mind remains … so far, no life, quiet. Lack of entertainment. To the extent that even real estate agents are reluctant to service the area.

When I was appointed to market my first project in Cyberjaya back in 2014, I faced the same issue. Buyers have little confidence, even my real estate agents felt the same. They would rather spend their effort in matured townships such as PJ and KL.

So I came up with an idea. A tour. Property tours are not new. People have been doing it for ages. But most property tours are just that. About property. They make people buy property. I wanted a tour that is both fun and educational. People learn while they are having fun. And people should be having fun learning.

If you are looking to live in Cyberjaya, you would want to know :

  • Who lives there?
  • Who will my neighbours be?
  • Are there good schools for my kids now and in future?
  • Where can I shop? dine? watch a movie?
  • Is it easy to travel around?
  • Are the properties affordable?

If you are looking to invest in a property, you would probably ask questions like :

  • Who is going to rent my property?
  • Can they afford to rent from me?
  • Will they take care of my property?
  • Will my property value increase?
  • Whats the future of this township?

Did you know that one of England’s most prestigious boarding school, Christ College which was founded in 1541 will be opening their first campus out of England, right here in Cyberjaya?

Did you also know Cyberjaya is already offering 1 gigabit internet to homes and offices?

And Cyberjaya InvestTour is just that! It’s about experiencing the real Cyberjaya. The roads, the people, their lives, where they work, where they shop, where they eat.

You will also find out about :

  • Cyberjaya’s latest technological developments
  • The upcoming public transportation plans
  • The current and upcoming real estate development plans

So come on and join Cyberjaya InvestTour. Call 016-7737036 and register for your next tour!